What kind of Music do you play?

It’s a funny thing when someone asks that question. First, I never really know how to answer because I play lots of styles. Are they trying to learn something about me or are they making sure I say something that they like? What are the good answers to that question? Country? Rock? Stuff? It’s perplexes me why that question comes up because no one listens to or plays one kind of music.
Second, what is this need to know before I even start playing? There is some level of anxiety in the audience I guess when someone they are not familiar with steps on the stage. I try to look non-threatening at all times and even smile.
For that matter, why do people ask me what I’m going to play next? I don’t usually know the answer to that either. I think it’s fun to be surprised and if they would relax they would find out what song is next at about the same time I do.
Here’s my advice: if you’re listening to music somewhere relax and enjoy it. It’s supposed to be fun and whoever is playing for you cares that you have a good time. They may even be watching you to see what you like. Don’t worry about requesting songs (special occasions excepted) or asking what the guy knows. Just sing along, or dance, or even tip if you like it. What kind of music is it? If you’re singing, dancing and tipping, it must be the best kind.