Winners and Losers

Sunday night I participated in a songwriting contest in downtown Fort Worth. My good friend Luke Wade invited me out and it was a great time. It’s an interesting thing to me that we have music competitions. Of course, it’s no secret that television has taken the idea of competitive music to a whole new level, but I find it peculiar to think that something like music can have a winner and a loser.
It is definitely a fact that the music business is a competition like any other business as artists are always competing for fans, gigs, and notoriety. The way you mark someone’s success is literally a rank system known as “the charts” where the value of each song is numbered and ordered as if you can quantify the value of the art based on how popular it is.
I’ve said for a long time that the reason I love playing and working in Tarrant County is because of the amount of work for a working musician. And yes, there is competition due to the economics of the market. Now that I am getting a new album ready to come out I’ll be dealing with radio charts and all sorts of necessary evils that the business requires. What I’ve always hoped for however is a local market where people really clamor for new, original, and literally uncharted music. That would make us all into winners in my opinion. Here’s some free advice: go hear someone sing and when you do, ask them to play something you haven’t already heard.