1. She Got A Gun


She Got A Gun- Ingram, Irwin, Starr, Sutton

She was a pretty brunette a girl that I met east of the Rio Grande
She wanted to talk so we took a walk out in the dessert sand
I caught a glimpse of chrome on her hip and I didn’t know what to say
She just laughed and said I’m a pistol packing member of the NRA

She got a gun

It was suddenly clear nobody could hear anything for miles around
I knew I had to do whatever I could do to keep her from pulling it out
She asked me if I believe in love at first sight
I said I never did before but that all changed tonight

She got a gun; loaded .38 with a crazy little smile on her pretty little face
She got a gun, better take it slow cause she’s packing heat and if I would have known
She was shooting for love I would have run, she got a gun

I woke up covered in dust and clothes scattered all around
She was sleeping and if I was leaving I knew it had to be now
I made my move, put on my boots, and tried to get away quick
I only made about 20 paces when I heard that hammer click