Joshua Ingram from Fort Worth, Texas is a musical storyteller, guitar stunt man, and breath-taking vocalist.  Brett Dillon from KHYI the Range in Dallas says "Joshua Ingram, flat ass bad ass, you blow me away dude!"

With a lifetime of creating music Ingram has relentlessly pursued the art of expression and the perfection of his craft.  He started writing songs as a teen and has not stopped.  In his own words "There is always something more to say, play and give to the audience."

Three full length albums and several singles into it, Ingram continues to stay flexible in the ever shifting paradigm of the music business.  In fact, he's often remarked that he's not in the music business, but the people business.  Ingram commits fully to his audiences both live and online. Grab all three of the albums and sign up on the email list, follow on social media, and make a plan to see the next show.  You will be inspired, awakened, and blown away.

Joshua ingram