1. Grow

From the recording I Wish It Would Rain

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I can't tell you what this song is really about, figure it out by listening. State by state we're getting closer to understanding.


Grow Something

If it grows let it grow, let it rise from the ground
Nature knows the course of her dominion
If it flies let it fly let it soar upon the wind
like freedom of a popular opinion

C G D Em
Grow something beautiful, reap what you've sewn
Bring about a future you can call your own
C C/B Am D
open up your mind and see we all belong

If it's free leave it be let it run wild and lovely
everything returns to the water
there's only so much in a day they can try to take away
from free men and their sons and their daughters

vi I II V IV IV#dim7

if it burns let it burn, let each man have a turn
We can leave behind the blood and oil stained past
the darkness of the night flees from one match light
and we'll burn it to the ground with every pass