The Longest Day

The Longest day

June 21, 2019


Sundance Square, Fort Worth, TX

Benefitting: The Alzheimer's Association (To Donate: )


I’m not sure how many songs I can play from memory. After 20 years of performing for a living, and literally 29 of playing guitar, I have amassed quite a catalog.  There was never a design to learn a bunch of other artists’ songs but over the years of learning requests, having certain songs stuck in my head, and actually wanting to learn some for myself, it just kind of happened. Now I can play several shows a week while taking requests and, for the most part, keep venues and audiences satisfied. But I never set out to be just a human jukebox. 

While my goal of writing songs and hoping to entice people to like them, download them, listen to them, and share them has not changed, this Friday will offer me a unique opportunity to do some good with this weird talent for memorizing songs. I’m going to sing for 11 hours (or technically 9.3 with the 10-minute breaks) without using any sheet music or repeating a song. I will be showing the power of the human brain in an effort to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association.  

We will be setting up on the stage in Sundance Square in Downtown Fort Worth so I can play this highly unusual and FREE show. I’ll start at 9AM and play till at least 8PM. Yes, it’s going to be difficult. I feel seeing my body growing weary as the day goes on, yet my mind still coming up with songs, will be a testament to how great the human brain is, and how awful this disease that takes it away can be. 

I am asking for support in several ways: 

1.    Please click the link below to donate to the Alzheimer’s Association as they are trying to eliminate the disease. 

2.     Be in attendance at some point during the day to show support and encourage me to keep going. 

3.     Share the event on your own social media so more people can be aware. 

4.     Watch and share the live streaming on Facebook, which will also have a donation link, so we can raise as much money as possible. 

Here’s one more thing that I’m only asking my fans for: 

The production team that is putting on this event is donating their time, equipment, and experience, while also using their connections to have the event hosted by Sundance Square. Typically, this kind of show would carry a cost upward of $2500. I will be contributing $100 to help the technicians who will be on site get a little payback for their time. Even though they’ve offered to donate their time for this event, I KNOW what it’s like to do a benefit on a day you’d normally make money. Please consider helping me help them, and if you’d like to donate to the technicians just send me a message. Thank you for considering it. 

I hope we’ll see you at some point Friday as we pull together to help eliminate Alzheimer’s. Let’s show Fort Worth what we can do!