February 14 Hannah Owens, Lacey Ingram, Rachel Stacy

Hannah Owens is a local songwriter I’ve known for several years and while this isn’t the only good thing about her, I have to say she has the most beautiful voice.  Her songs elicit emotion of all sorts and draw you in.  She has a subtle and unassuming presentation, often sitting cross legged on a stool just strumming along like she was fishing for catfish off the dock.  She has a sweetness in her soul that’s obvious to the audience, but she also has a fire in her heart that keeps her running with the best of them.  

            Her original recordings are reminiscent of a groovy kind of Alt-Americana sound like it could be from 50 years ago or 50 years from now.  The production indicates she’s willing to take some risks with what otherwise might be a pretty traditional female country sound.  I think she sounds anything but traditional, though she can drop a pretty good Dolly or Patsy tune on you.  

            You’ll want to pay close attention to the lyrics as she’ll take you on a trip through the feelings one may have in a relationship, on the road, or just looking inward.  She plays around town and collaborates a lot.  Hannah is also willing to jump onstage and sing harmony with you whenever she gets the feels.  I remember once, she came up to sing something with me and before I let her get away I started into Whiskey Lullaby.  It was the most fun I’d ever had singing that song.  

            Find Hannah around town at Magnolia Motor Lounge or countless other places where music is happening.  I’m proud to call her friend but even prouder to share this industry with her, and share her music with you.  Links are below, follow her and go see a show!


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Lacey Ingram is, as she says, my sister from another mister… or is it that I’m her brother from another mother?  Either way, we of course enjoyed meeting each other and finding the humor in sharing the same last name and love for making music.  We instantly hit it off, like many of us do, one night in the stockyards. Lacey is such a firebrand and almost always has that devilish grin that draws you to her.  

            My favorite song she’s put out so far is Murder and Moonshine.  It’s a story type rocking song that combines elements of country, rock, blues, and even some folk and bluegrass.  The most important element in the song is her piercing voice that introduces itself, unapologetically, the line “There’s fiiiiiiiiire on the mountain!”  I get goosebumps every time I listen.  We’ve all felt pinned into a tough situation and that’s what this song addresses, though hopefully we’re not all only wanted by the long arm of the law.

            Lacey plays around town a great deal and she brings that thunder with her.  Follow her social media and streaming platforms so you’ll find out when she has new music coming.  Don’t miss Lacey while she’s still playing for you for free!  Tell her I sent you!


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Rachel Stacy has been such a force for music for a good bit.  I’ve had massive respect for her ability and tenacity.  She has some kind of traditional country sounding stuff but also some kick-you-right-in-the-dang teeth rock music.  Rachel brings a soul to the stage that has to be moving 1000 MPH.  I dare you to go to a Rachel Stacy show and lose interest, cause she won’t let you.  There is not a part of her show that isn’t entertaining.  She sings like fire, plays guitar exceptionally, and saws a fiddle in half.  

            We play in many of the same places, but not on the same nights, so I almost never get to hear her play live.  If I did, I’d want to hear her live version of “Boomerang” which cuts to the quick.  “Wishing Well” might be new favorite song of hers.  It feels like something that came from my youth with an uplifting message about a commitment to remembering the past.  

            Rachel has a way to connect words and music to human emotion that is not super common.  When you match those notes and words to her heart wrenching voice, it makes for a powerful experience.  Go see, listen, and experience Rachel Stacy.  You’ll thank me for it.


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These are three powerful women in a male dominated business, but don’t let that change how you think, cause they don’t.

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