New Album in the Works

Hello all, 

     I'm pleased to let you know that the band I will soon start work on a new album.  To those of you who have already heard "The Distance" and "I Wish It Would Rain", I'll let you know this will be another different style of record with the same focus on meaningful lyrics and music.  To those who haven't, they are available in the music section at I've grown, over the years, as a writer and every time I start a new project the same feelings of excitement and worry return so I'm getting ready to take this on big time.  I've also learned much about what to do and what not to do in the studio so hopefully this will be my truest and most successful album yet.  

     I'm sorting between about 20 songs to figure out which ones I want to include on the record and wondered if any of you would like to have some input into the choosing.  Over the next few weeks I'll upload demos of the songs to a hidden page here on the site and will be able to share a link to that page with anyone who wants to vote for their favorites.  Just comment here and I'll keep a running list of everyone who wants to help.  It just means that you'll get to hear demos of the songs before we even take them into the studio.  If this sounds like fun to you, let me know.

     As always I'll be updating the shows here on the website and on social media so stay tuned for the latest.  Watch for:

  • more how and why videos on youtube
  • updates on the new album
  • new T-shirts and other merchandise
  • and more information on the adventures of Joshua Ingram

See you at a show soon!


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