Resolution and the Music Scene

Happy New Year everyone!

I've decided I'm going to type a weekly blog about the DFW music industry.  There are so many cool people out there doing their thing, and I'd like to help be part of people knowing about it.  This first entry will be just about something that happened last night.

After my show, I had time to go to the Fort Worth Stockyards to see Dusty Moats and Aliza Ford.

Dusty is a great singer/songwriter and entertainer but what's even cooler, is that he was recording an episode of the Texas Tailgate live show on EMLK radio with Aliza as his guest.  I didn't even know Dusty Was doing this, but it was really cool to watch those guys trade stories, share songs, and kind of pull back the curtain on this crazy business.

Dusty is one of the hardest working musicians I know.  He books shows for different artists, is involved in running EMLK, an internet based radio station that plays local artists (like me, thanks EMLK!), and of course writes and performs music all over.  His single "Lakin' it Easy" has been streamed almost 200,000 times on Spotify alone.  If you're looking to find someone else to listen to, give Dusty a shot.  

I was glad to see Aliza Ford last night.  Aliza has been working at this for awhile, and just keeps getting better.  Not only are the tunes about the truest form of country music I've heard in awhile, they're insightful and just feel good to listen to.  I got to hear one he had just written (for a pretty girl, of course) and it was fun to hear him share something that new with the audience.  Even when the content is heavy, like in his song "Goodbye", there's a power in his voice that makes it easier to listen to the sad words.  I'm excited to see what Aliza comes up with for 2023 and if you'd like to hear this local talent, find him on Spotify or wherever you look for music.

I wanted to stop into Filthy McNastys to say hi to some folks before we headed home.  I knew my buddy Ben Hatton was playing in there, and to my great pleasure, he was decked out in Joshua Ingram merchandise.  What an honor!  Ben has one of the silkiest voices I've heard, especially in the Stockyards.  We've been making plans to write together so he can start putting out some original material, but scheduling is always hard when you work all the time.  Don't worry though, we'll get it done, but until then, you can see him every Thursday night at Filthy McNasty's.  

One last thing, did I mention these shows are free?  That's right, you can just walk right in and listen.  I know we get used to listening to the same old people who have "made it" on TV or the radio, and when they come to town we'll buy expensive tickets, stand in line, shove through the crowd to find our seat, pay for overpriced beer, but there are other ways to enjoy music and the people I will bring to your attention in this year will really appreciate your support.

Come to a show, stream the music, like, subscribe, share...all of these local artists count on it.  

Keep Jammin!

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