From the recording I Wish It Would Rain

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While wishing for rain we sometimes realize that the needs inside are actually more important than those outside.


I wish It Would Rain- Joshua Ingram

I want to write a good time song
but this shirt is still stuck to by back and this day keeps dragging on
I think this heat is finally getting to my brain
I just wish it would rain

This is the hottest summer I've ever known
This fretboard is cracked and splintered like a dried up bag of bones
All I can feel inside is pain
I just wish it would rain

G Em
I just wish it would rain, cause I need a change
It's dry and dusty, dead and brown
my soul is scorched just like the ground
Em C
I feel too lost to be found and I
I just wish it would rain

My soul is thirsty as sin
and this swelter in my heart is worse than its ever been
I don't think I can go through this again
I just wish it would rain