1. Marty Don't Go

From the recording I Wish It Would Rain

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This is my response to a question I had about one of country music's most classic songs.


Marty Don’t Go- Joshua Ingram

I was born in the Cimarron but the Bad Lands are my home
I don’t see too many folks out here I just wanna be left alone
A stranger rode in on a black horse, it was clear that he was on the run
With fear in his eyes, pain in his heart, and five bullets in his gun

He told me a story ‘bout a senorita with eyes as black as night
A little dancing devil in a dress cut tight and it was huggin’ her body tight
A cowboy came between them and he wished that guy was dead
Somehow a single bullet found the front of that cowboy’s head

Marty don’t you go back to El Paso
D F#m
Cause that man you shot has probably got some friends and they’re
looking for you
There’s no love to win just angry men and they’d like to shoot you down
D F#m E
For the innocent blood that’s on your hands and the stolen horse you rode from town
Marty don’t you go back to El Paso

He stayed here for a few days and I tried to set him straight
But he was bound by love and stupidity to try to change his fate
He left out last night ‘neath the dark of a new moon
Without enough sense, without enough bullets, that boy’s gonna be dead soon