1. Roots

From the recording I Wish It Would Rain

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When you wonder if they will fall or fly


Roots- Joshua Ingram
He's packing his clothes and deciding what to take or leave behind
Looking at old pictures taking a trip back through his mind
Made a promise with friends that they would always stay in touch
Wondering if that girl will still love him as much

She's sitting at the table for the last home cooking she might eat in a while
Daddy was quiet and Mom hiding tears behind a smile
She wanted to say that things would be okay but it isn’t really clear
Cause it’s a great big question “Whatcha gonna do when you leave here?”

Bm D Bm D
The roots run deep with memories worth keeping
Bm D A
And the dreams you dreamed while you were home sleeping
Bm D A Bm
You take them all when it’s time to leave
So if you ever doubt yourself remember your roots, your roots run deep

No one really knows until they jump out of the boat whether they’re gonna sink or swim
You take what you’ve learned and what you feel, pray to God and try to listen to Him
With a course uncharted and a path unpaved the choice is yours and yours alone
You’ll grow beyond the boundaries of what you know but not so far you can’t come home
Bm A G
When the storms come and the wind blows and you can’t see the sun
Bm A Em
Holding on to threads as the future your were weaving comes undone
Bm A G
Twisting like tree in the throws of a summer storm
Blown but not blown away because you've always known

He's packing his clothes; she's sitting at the table
Till it happens no one knows whether or not they’re able
Will their roots keep them grounded and fed on what they need?
Will they grow into the ones they were planted to be?