1. Murder at X6

From the recording I Wish It Would Rain

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This is a ghost story. It's a true story that I made up. Enjoy.


Murder at X6- Joshua Ingram

Am Am/G Am/F# Am/F
106 college st. Waxahachie, TX
right on the spot where the Rangers shot the man for casting hexes
there's a hometown bar called the X6 (ten 6) run by miss Diane
and the cold beer rolls over the soul of that Wichita medicine man

she'll tell you the place is haunted with that medicine man's spirit
late at night when the air is still you can still hear it
October 6th, the anniversary of when the shaman lost the draw
the locals know to stay away cause the wind speaks Wichita

Keep your hands in your pockets, keep your back against the wall
F Am
you never know the next time someone's gonna take the fall
It can happen any second on a night like this
you don't want to be the next one to be murdered at the X6

They say revenge is best served cold; it’s been 180 years or more
long before the courthouse or that general store
on the sixth day of the tenth month the Wichita spirits rise again
and one unlucky victim meets an unexpected end

If I'd have known that story anytime before now
I'd be anywhere else because it's oct 6 and there's no one around
I don't believe in spirits but something does not feel right
Cause there's a moan outside that sounds like something darker than the night