1. Two Sides

From the recording I Wish It Would Rain

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"One you know and one you can't see"


Two Sides- Joshua Ingram D A Bm G A
There are two sides to every coin Two banks of the creek
D A Bm G A G D
Two sides to this man that I am One you know and one you can’t see G A Bm
There’s a man who loves his wife G A G D Loves his daughters more than anything in his whole life G A Bm The sun always rises and then it sets G A G D
Which day is which is often easy to forget

There’s a man whose world is dark He hides in the cold, shadowed corners of my heart He hides in whiskey, far out of sight Frozen by fear of what would happen if he stepped in the light
Bm A There’s a shadow underneath my smile G A A#dim
A loneliness in spite of my friends
Bm A A long painful road that goes on for miles G A
Tells the true story of where I’ve been