1. The Only Thing

From the recording I Wish It Would Rain

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When what you know is impossible to do.


The Only Thing

Sometimes it feels like my heart doesn’t beat anymore
Sometimes it feels like nothing falls but rain
Sometimes I don’t know why I can’t walk out the door
Sometimes I’m too numb to feel the pain

Walking down exchange, soaked to the bone from the rain
Holding fast to the cash from my last show
Knowing I would not be here now if I could hold you again
Wondering if its finally too late to go back home

I’d say we’re only human
I’d say everything is worth a try
But you would know that I was lying
Cause the only thing I never could say is goodbye

When you see the world through the streetlights it changes how it looks
Shadows trick the mind and fool the soul
There’s a lonely secret you’ll never learn from books
It’s the loneliness that comes when you finally lose control


Sometimes I feel like a man who used to be
Sometimes I can’t remember when
Sometimes yesterday eats up the insides of me
Sometimes I’m just looking for a friend