1. Here's to You

From the recording I Wish It Would Rain

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Don't let anyone stomp on your dream.


Here’s To You- Joshua Ingram D Standing at a crossroads, my future in my hands C Searching for the road that leads me to the Promised Land G With a list of past mistakes and a history of heartbreak D A That made me tough enough to take a stand D C Here’s to music, here’s to life G D Here’s to taking a chance and making it come out right A C To all of those who said my time was through D Here’s to you There are some who say you got to plan for a better day You’ve got to be responsible when you play But I will disagree with those who stand in front of me And try to take my dreaming away Chorus G D
We’re all born, we all die, we all sin, and baby we all try C D The best he’s got is all any man can give G D When my body’s in the ground I want no one to be found A Who can say I didn’t fight and I didn’t live
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow might not come Today’s the only thing I’m betting on Where I go from here doesn’t always look too clear So I’ll toast to right now with this song