1. In Walked You

From the recording In Walked You

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In Walked You- Joshua Ingram

I had broken more than I could fix, reaching in and finding nothing inside my bag of tricks
Feeling there was nothing left to do, and in walked you

My life had spun way out of control, like a shadow in a cemetery staring down a hole
A criminologist without a clue, and in walked you

You brought the color back into the black so I could see
You shed the light upon the lies that I had believed
I once again can be the man I think I am,
it’s true In walked you

I was broken hearted, angry, and disgusted from the hurtful selfish souls I had trusted
Unbelieving love could ever be true, and in walked you

I am strong and sure your love for me is pure
I need not be afraid of the plans that we have made