1. Starring, Me

From the recording Starring, Me

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Co-written by Kevin Bates


Starring, Me

Intro: D |G |D |

|D |G |D |
I’m tired of pretending I’m someone I never wanted to be
|Bm |G |D |
I’m a pawn in a game between players that I can’t see
|Bm |G |Bm |G
The game never ends, cause nobody wins and a fool’s mate is all I’ll ever be
|D |G |D |
I won’t play anymore so I’m walking off of the board

|D |G |D |
I will no longer try to be someone or something else
|Bm |G |D |
From now on I will only be starring as myself
|Bm |G
At the end of the day, no one can take away
|Bm |G
The scars and the tears, the miles and the years,
|D |G |D |
And the truth is better than any story I could tell

Makeup and lies, another disguise, playing a part
Strutting and fretting my hour on the stage, hiding my heart
From action to cut, it’s anything but a genuine, honest work of art
So I’m cutting my hair and getting the hell out of there